Classical Music Post-COVID: Taiwan Edition

We have to check the temperatures of the whole audience and all the musicians. We have to collect contact information, just in case, and decide on the capacity of the audience in the hall. On stage, the strings can wear masks, so we can avoid social distancing greater than 1.5 meters. For the winds, we have transparent plastic guards to separate individuals.

Couples are still allowed to sit together, because we register all the names and contact information from the audience. The capacity of the auditorium is around 2,000, and we can have about 1,000 people in it right now.

That’s Wen-Chen Kuo, executive director of the National Symphony Orchestra of Taipei, interviewed in Van Magazine.

Meanwhile, in the US, the New York Philharmonic has cancelled its fall season, at a cost of about $9 million. Here’s Wen-Chen Kuo on his orchestra’s financial situation:

The government’s financial support for us is around 60 percent. So we still have to balance our budget, but things are working OK for us so far: financially we’re quite healthy.  It’s only been three months. We’ll be back to normal life in June.